Three Butterflies – Tri leptira


Dostupno uz narudžbu


Three ceramic butterflies, hanging on the wall stoneware sculptures. Blue butterflies decorated with cobalt oxides, covered with white glaze, and decorated with red, black, and lavender underglaze color. The hand-drawn decor on the ceramic butterflies. You can put these butterflies on the table or on the wall.

dim. 27×11,5 cm , h =9,5 cm or 10.53 inch x 4.48 inch, h= 3.7

the smaller butterfly dim 14 x 11cm , h= 5 cm or 5, 5 x 4,3inch, h= 1.95 inch .

the smallest butterfly dim 10 x 7cm , h= 5 cm or 3.9 x 2.73inch, h= 1.95 inch